Please note that APM stands for Annual Parish Meeting (at which local institutions report on the past year) and APCM stands for Annual Parish Council Meeting (at which officials for the forthcoming year are appointed).

If you would like to receive the agenda and minutes direct via email, or if you have any queries, please contact the parish clerk via email
or by post using the address on the contacts page.

A Schedule of Meetings for 2020 is available here.  Please note that from September 2020 the meeting day will change to the third Tuesday.

All meetings start at 7.30pm in the Village Hall:

August 2020 Ordinary Minutes
July 2020 Extraordinary Minutes
July 2020 Ordinary Minutes
June 2020 Extraordinary Minutes
June 2020 Ordinary Minutes
May 2020 Annual Parish Council Meeting (APCM) Minutes
April 2020 Ordinary Minutes
March 2020 Ordinary Minutes
February 2020 Ordinary Minutes
January 2020 Ordinary Minutes

December 2019 Ordinary Minutes
Minutes of the Parking Safety Consultation meeting 9 December 2019
November 2019 Ordinary Minutes
October 2019 Ordinary Minutes
September 2019 Ordinary Minutes
September 2019 Extraordinary Minutes
August 2019 Ordinary Minutes
July 2019 Ordinary Minutes
June 2019 Ordinary Minutes
May 2019 APCM Minutes
May 2019 DRAFT APM Minutes
April 2019 Ordinary Minutes
March 2019 Ordinary Minutes
February 2019 Ordinary Minutes
January 2019 Extraordinary Minutes
January 2019 Ordinary Minutes

December 2018 Ordinary Minutes
November 2018 Ordinary Minutes
October 2018 Ordinary Minutes
September 2018 Ordinary Minutes
August 2018 Ordinary Minutes
July 2018 Ordinary Minutes
18th June
May 2018 APM Minutes
23rd April APCM
19th March
19th February
15th January

18th December
20th November
16th October
18th September
21st August
17th July
19th June
22nd May AGM
22nd May Ordinary Meeting
24th April APCM
20th March
20th February
16th January

12th December
21st November
17th October
19th September
5th September (special)
25th July (special)
18th July
20th June
16th May (APM)
16th May
18th April (APCM)
21st March
15th February
18th January


21st December
16th November
19th October
21st September
10th August
20th July
15th June
18th May (APM)
18th May (APCM)
20th April
16th March